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We design, upgrade, manufacture, service and repair our Cohesive Strength Meters

Our Cohesive Strength Meter (CSM) is a portable instrument that measures the critical entrainment stress, erosion rate and settling velocity of bedded (deposited) soft sediments. This device directly measure the erosion sensitivity of the surface consisting of marine sediments. The CSM is used widely in intertidal and fluvial environments, for agricultural research and for the measurement of sediment stability in seabed cores.

  • Field Portable, 9kG + accessory case
  • Complete with full accessory kit
  • Up to 100 tests per run and up to 80 predefined test routines available
  • Long battery life for all day testing
  • Data uploadable via USB
Cohesive Strength Meter Ready to Run Tests

How does our cohesive strength meter work?

A cohesive strength meter (CSM) consists of a computer and water reservoir that is put under pressure by an external air cylinder. This water reservoir is connected to a sensor head that is inserted into the sediment. The CSM is designed to be able to deploy in situ and the sensor head can be submerged under water.

When testing the erodibility of sediments, a jet of water is fired by the CSM within the sensor head, placed near the sediment surface. This will cause a collapse of the sediment matrix at the sediment-water interface. Jet pressure is increased incrementally, and erosion is monitored based on sediment resuspension using an infrared transmission meter. A minimum of clay/silt is needed to ensure that erosion can be used as a synonym for ‘resuspension’. The initiation of erosion is typically identified by a 10 % drop in light transmission within the testing chamber.

  • External, ready refillable dive cyclinder for the air supply
  • Infra-red optical sense head with integral water jet
  • Robust construction
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • FAST turnaround on testing, move across the site quickly
Surface map of sediment stability determined by the CSM system for The Eden estuary, Scotland

Surface map of sediment stability determined by the CSM system for The Eden estuary, Scotland.

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